7 Ways To Celebrate Eco-Friendly Diwali This Year

Eco-Friendly Diwali

Diwali is almost at the door, everyone loves to celebrate the festival of lights with a lot of joy and enthusiasm. Eco-friendly Diwali is not about avoiding crackers, there are lots of ways to celebrate without harming the ecosystem. Crackers play a major role in this festival; try bursting pollution-free firecrackers to save the environment. Lit earthen diyas, prepare sweets, exchange gifts, and spend your valuable time with the loved ones.

Sharing and caring are the two major qualities which everyone should have to live the life happily; Diwali is the right time to express all your love and joy towards your closed ones, let your relationships get nurtured on that day. Take a little step to celebrate this Diwali in an Eco-friendly way and try to keep our environment safe and pollution-free.

Here are 7 creative ways to celebrate Diwali in Eco-friendly manner:

Use Earthen Diyas

Diwali is the festival of lights, so obviously it must be filled with glowing lights everywhere. To celebrate eco-friendly Diwali you can go for the good oil diyas, these earthen lamps are bio-degradable and cost-effective.

When you go for Diwali shopping it will be tough to resist the temptation of buying the eye-catchy lamps, curtains, and LED lights but these are made with low-quality plastic so just avoid it. Just hang earthen lamps in front of your house as it enhances the decor naturally.

Try some innovative lighting by using orange peels, coconut shells, and wheat dough as DIY Diyas. Ditch the electric lights and save the environment.

Say No to Crackers

Diwali is incomplete without bursting crackers but to save environment, say no to firecrackers this Diwali, you can light up this festival in a new green way.

Crackers not only cause pollution but also it causes numerous accidents and deaths of people. Opt for crackers that are made of recycled papers because it doesn’t produce much noise and pollution.

There are tons of environment-friendly crackers available in the market in recent times, make use of it and say bye to polluting fireworks.  Celebrate this Diwali by lighting sky lanterns or just fill up balloons with glittering paper flakes and enjoy by bursting them.

Make Natural Rangolis

Rangolis are the traditional way of feeding food to the birds and little animals during the festive season. Use natural colors for rangolis instead of chemical powders, it’s good to include coffee powder, turmeric, for coloring and flowers like roses, lotus, marigold to brighten the art.

To make your rangolis more gorgeous, use tiny lamps or diyas, for that just draw a design on the floor, and place the lights wherever you want.

Do you love to beautify the art with petals? Then go ahead by picking some fresh flowers, tear the petals and use it to make designer art on the floor. Focus on Rangolis and draw at the front of your house.

Homemade Sweets

Every people around the world celebrate their happy occasion with sweets, Diwali gets special by preparing delicious and mouth-watering homemade sweets. Fill the table with a variety of desserts and surprise your neighbors and family members.

If you need healthy sweets then it’s better to prepare beetroot halwa, wheat flour barfis, dried fruits and more!

One of my favorite desserts is Besan Ladoo, to make this delicious sweet you just need gram flour, sugar, ghee and a little sprinkle of cardamoms. Ladoos are highly nutritious and it’s the best Indian cuisine made during festivals and celebrations. It’s also easy to prepare Gulab Jamun, Rasamalai, Rasagulla, and Coconut Ladoo etc… Celebrate this Diwali with all these sweets and have fun.

Gift Greens

On special occasion we express our love and happiness by exchanging sweets and gifts, to celebrate green Diwali give organic gifts to your friends and relatives. Plant a sapling and make your relationship stronger with the plant’s growth.

Let’s take a small step to celebrate eco-friendly Diwali, plant greens because it reduces the risk of pollution. Try offering hand-made and eco-friendly cloth bags, ornamental plants, organic teas and coffee.

Gift packing will be more interesting and enjoyable; instead of wrapping it with plastic covers use newspapers or handmade wrapping papers. Make this Diwali memorable by donating clothes or household items to an orphanage or nearby shelter.

Use Recycled Décor

Nowadays recycled decor ideas are becoming popular, we can create a lot of beautiful and eye-catchy gifts with the things which we throw away as waste.

You can use newspapers and hang them on the wall which enhances the whole area and attracts the visitors. Instead of shopping readymade torans or other lights, go for something innovative and different, use colorful sarees and dupattas to create curtains or for just for hanging on the walls.

Keep your children engaged by involving them in decoration, ask them to prepare lanterns out of waste paper and paint it. Even little changes in decorations can make your home elegant and attractive; it’s all about the way you decorate.

Arrange Events for family

Diwali is one of the great occasions where all the family members, friends, and neighbors get together. Everyone share their work and have an enjoyable experience as a whole. To stay connected, you can organize events as it gives a lot of fun and enjoyment.

Play indoor games, paint diyas, cups, and can also organize rangoli competition to engage your family members. Kids love to play musical chairs for that just play the music and come around the chair and then pause it. Form a huge circle in an open space and check that one chair is less than total number of players. This is an interesting and simple game to play with everyone.

 Fancy dress competition also makes the little ones bright and beautiful, dress them with creative color dresses and enjoy the Diwali evening.

Final Words

Share the joy of Eco-friendly Diwali with your children, neighborhood, and family members; make this Diwali memorable by offering useful and thoughtful gifts. Enjoy the festival of lights with your loved ones and have a Happy Diwali!!!

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