A detailed Tour guide as what to do and what not!

A bike ride to Ladakh is one of the most fascinating yet adventurous road trips around the world. The route and terrain of Ladakh offer you the right amount of thrill and equally rewarding journey in the form of scenic beauty all along. High Passes, low lying valleys, green mountains to barren brown ones, rivers and streams so pristine and gushing through the roads that you will have a memorable unforgettable ride. A bike trip to Ladakh is a dream of every adventurer and biker who loves the road and his companion (the bike). The rugged landscapes, high passes, gushing rivers, narrow paths, and slushy roads are sure to give you some hard time and challenges on your way. Visit Honeymoon Tour Packages

Best Time to Visit –

Bike trip to Ladakh mostly includes a ride to Leh from Manali or Srinagar which are both scenic and covers many spots on the way which are visiting. On reaching Leh bikers chill or go on excursions to places around such as Nubra Valley, Kahrdungla and others. The best time to take up riding is from mid of May to the end of October. The roads from Manali are even closed during the winters due to heavy snowfall. Roads from Srinagar remain accessible still an element of risk stays for the bikers because of hostile weather conditions.

What to do while riding-

  • Stay Hydrated would be the first point to take a note of. Take enough stops to take a leak, which you can easily find since most of the terrain remains uninhabited. Make sure to refill or restock your water at every pit stop you find on the way.
  • Keep the first aid kit and required medicines handy because something as basic as high passes and dehydration can get you sick. You will not be able to find many medical aids on the way.
  • Your tool kit and other important mechanical parts is a must to be carried along in this path. You can cut down on a couple of other things you are carrying but make sure to carry all the required tools of your bike. Anywhere your bike breaks down you may end up being stuck there for hours or even days.
  • Wear appropriate safety gear and outfits whether you are a pillion rider or the actual rider. Be prepared for any obstacles on the way but remain cautious because precaution is always better than cure.
  • Eat light and what suits your appetite the best on the way. Overstuffing or starving will affect your health badly while riding especially in the high passes and rugged terrains.
  • Make sure to carry some extra liters of fuel with you because you may not find many or for the fact, any fuel pumps on the way.

What not to do-

  • Do not switch to a highly active and energetic form on arriving at Leh, high altitudes can kick you in all the wrong forms. Acclimatize gradually and involve in light walks and exercise.
  • Do not depend on your e-wallets, ATM cards while on the way. Stock up with some good cash before starting your journey as you may not find many ATMs in operational conditions on the way.
  • Do not rush to reach the destinations, take your time, ride safe, enjoy the scenic landscapes on the way, take breaks and pauses, Acclimatize and enjoy the ride ultimately its the health and fun that matters, no one is awarding you for being the best rider.

Travel Guide or places to visit in Ladakh-

Entire Ladakh in itself is as beautiful as a poster, now and then you shall come across a change in the terrain and landscapes that will leave you in awe. There are specific attractions which can be visited while on your trip to Ladakh which include-

Leh City– Being an administrative capital of the region, this city has got everything to offer from culture, adventure, shopping to chilling. You will find all kinds of accommodation in the city catering from backpackers to high-end start clients.

Khardung La– This is the highest motorable road and you might have come across many pictures of the landmark. Yes, you too can ride there in a day’s excursion and get a picture clicked.

Nubra Valley- Marks the beginning of Karakoram ranges is a picturesque valley habitat to 2 humped camels. A day’s excursion from Leh again.

Pangong Lake- This is a beautiful pristine high altitude lake sharing its territory over two countries India and Tibet. Got its fame from the Bollywood blockbuster- 3 Idiots, hence being visited by many tourists.

Kargil– This is the region where the memorial Indo-Pakistan war of Kargil was fought. You can visit the beautiful landscape that shall remind you of history and visit the memorial built for the victory of the Indian Army. One can go on many treks around such as to the Tsomoriri Lake, Tsokar Lake, Stok Kangri, Chadar Trek and a lot more you can take part to enhance your adventure in the trip.

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