Himachali Traditional & Famous Dishes Must Try When You Visit

As Himachal is popular for its scenic beauty but it is also becoming popular for pahari cuisine. The preference of food varies with region to region within Himachal itself. Usually, the non vegetarian food is famous among the people of Himachal with lots of spices like red chillies, cardamom, clove and cinnamon. The standard thaali in Himachal serves pulses, meat and dishes having Cereals. Mostly, traditional food is prepared during fairs and festivals in the state. Another mouth watering specialty of the state are sweets and desserts. They also have a unique way of preparing tea and the famous romantic aromatic tea in the state is Kangra Tea.



This meal is prepared by special category of Brahmins only. It is a type of meal whose preparation starts one night before the actual serving of lunch on a traditional leaf plates. The The Brahmins of Chamba prepared this dish with green lentils (moving dal), red kidney beans (rajma) and rice in curd.



It is another feisty dish for Himachalis popular in the Sirmour district. It’s popular name is Indian Pan Cake. It is made of wheat and cooked in a similar way and also resembles like traditional pan cake.



As suggested by the name, it is the local dessert of Himachal Pradesh. It is prepared by the mixture of sweetened rice, raisins and other dry fruits.



The kind of local bread which is made with the wheat flour. The flour is kneaded and set for some hours to allow the yeast to settle and dough to raise. This dough is now put on a bonfire to be half cooked and later steam is sent to complete the cooking. This is usually served with ghee or butter and also served with daal or mutton. It is famous in rural areas like districts of Shimla, Lahaul, Kullu and Spiti.

Channa Madra


It is a traditional and popular curry made by chickpeas of Himachal and yogurt along with curry in the Chamba region. It is cooked with spices on a slow flame and spreads aroma everywhere. It is a gravy dish which is quite popular in pahari cuisine. The must ingredients are spices, garlic, ginger and onion.


During the high time of festivals, the dish is served and it is made from grand flour which is cooked in a traditional way.

 Kullu Trout


This is very much loved dish of the Kullu region with a delicacy of fish. To bring out the natural flavours , the marinated has done to trout fish and then it is fried shallower mustard oil.


One of the delicacies of Himachal has been linked to the Chamba region. It is made at festivals and marriages with pride. The base ingredients of dish are kidney beans, soaked chickpeas and chana.  It is cooked at low flame in curd and yogurt. Generally, it is served with normal bread.



It is a kind of cake usually cooked at festive season. The wheat flour gets mixed with buckwheat leaves as usually prepared in the pan cakes. Its origination is found in Lahaul and Spiti but it can be found anywhere in the state.

Luchi Poti


If you are a lover of non vegetarian food then you are going to love this. The millets or wheat flour gets mixed with asafetida, turmeric, coriander powder, cloves, cumin etc. The mixture was prepared and then its paste is stuffed into the intestines of sheep and lamb and then roasted. It is served with mutton.


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