Interview with Travel Blogger Sanjota Purohit of Hacky Tips

Travel Blogger Sanjota Purohit

Tell Me About Yourself?

Myself Sanjota Purohit, worked in MNC as a software engineer for 6 years. After shifting to the US I have taken Blogging as my full-time job. My blog Hackytips is a lifestyle blog where I write about my travel experiences, review beauty products, cooking and much more. 

What’s Your Favourite Place So Far?

London. UK was my first International solo trip where I was deputed for one year on a project. The climate, history, places of London city impressed me. Moreover, there is so much to see.  If there is a chance to go back to time and enjoy my sweet moments then that would be London.

What Can’t You Travel Without?

Phone. It helps me with GPS, communication, taking pictures, and writing notes. It is impossible to travel without the phone.

Do You Prefer Solo Travel or With Someone Else?

I learned a lot on my solo trips but group tours are fun.  Having friends who can crack jokes, accompany in difficult situations,  planning & arranging, learning together, helping each other to know about things is a way to have a successful trip.

Which Country Has The Friendliest People?

Being Indian it is difficult to take the name of another country. Indian people are love! According to me apart from India, it’s the UK! People are friendly, well behaved and helping in nature.

Who is The Most Interesting Person You’ve Met So Far?

Our driver in Scotland trip was the most interesting person I have met till now. He had great knowledge about geography,Scotland history and was very friendly. We had the most amazing time in that trip. I don’t have a single pic with him. This is the group with whom we traveled to Scotland. 

What’s Been Your Scariest Moment?

Once lost my purse in a public bus. My money, credit & debit cards, bus pass, movie pass, and everything was gone.  My friends were with me but experiencing such thing in foreign land scared me a lot.

How Would You Describe Yourself In 3 Words? 

Straightforward, Reserved & Fun loving

What Is Your Dream Travelling Experience?

Fireworks in Disneyland, Hugging the worlds largest tree,witnessing northern lights,  Being at a height of 16000 ft above ground level via a train in snow land.

Who Is Your Dream Travel Companion?

My husband! We always travel together and he makes every trip memorable. He is the perfect partner to roam the world with. 

What Was The Best Place You Stayed In? 

Once we stayed in an Airbnb with a farm in front of the house. It was beautiful to wake up to chirping birds, roaming inside Orange farm and plucking them. 

How Many Photos Have You Taken?

that’s a difficult question to answer! There is no limit or count when it comes to clicking pictures.  Love for photography has made to buy unlimited storage on cloud 😀

What’s The Most Interesting Animal You’ve Seen?

Penguins. We watched them in a Zoo and they were cute &super active. During our Kerala trip, we saw one of the rare animal species (It was so interesting that I forgot the name!).  

Do You Prefer Hot, Cold Or Temperate Places?

I’m from Bengaluru, Karnataka. I have seen the most perfect weather which is impossible to get in any other City or country (As far as I know).  Hence too hot, too cold places irritate me. I prefer a warm lovely weather. 

Would You Rather See A Lot Of Places Or Get To Know One Really Well?

I love to see more places and know them. Travelling makes one strong, prepares to face the consequences, gives experience and memories. 

Which Religious Or Spiritual Sites Have You Visited?

 I have visited many spiritual places in India. Tirupati, Dharmashala in Himachal, Kukke Subramanya, Horanadu, Shrungeri, Golden temple in AP and many more. 

Which Country Has The Best Weather?

Comparing UK & US, I guess the US has better weather.  Again I cannot say the best weather because it depends on location in both countries.

Do You Prefer To Walk, Take Public Transport, Or Take Private Transport?

Depends! If I have time and it saves money I prefer to walk to the nearest locations and take public transport for far distance. I opt for Private transport when there is no time and any other alternatives.

What’s Been The Best Street Food You’ve Had?

99 Variety Dosa in the streets of Bengaluru and what else can beat out Pani Puri?

Beer or Wine?

Water 😀

Finally, What are your thoughts about Himachal Tourist Places blog?

Recently I came to know about Himachal Tourist Places Blog through Skilinfinity campaign. It really deserves the name and covers everything that you need to travel around Himachal Pradesh. From dishes to attractions, wildlife to romantic places, this Blog is a complete package. I also appreciate Sunny Deval for his work in collaborating travel bloggers through his interview campaign. Keep up the good work 🙂

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