Tips & Places To Make Your Trip More Stunning And Memorable


There are many countries in the world who have stunning sights to visit, many have yummiest cuisines to taste and some have awesome weather to enjoy. It is confusing to decide where to spend vacations.

You want to spend your vacations on some beautiful hill station, want to enjoy pleasant weather and food, yes for sure no compromise on it also. Seems like you are looking for heaven on earth which isn’t possible.

What if I tell you about the three ace place so you could enjoy your vacations in an even better way? Didn’t get my point? A place which is well-known across the world for its beauty, weather and food as well. This is what I call three ace place. No wonder it really is nothing less than the heaven on earth. It is incredible India.

With four kinds of weather, delicious food, superb historical places, deserts and hill stations India is really a blessed country and worth to visit the place all over the world. It is not possible to see all the hues of India in a few days so it is suggested to pack a bit more.

This way is a lot cheaper than carry your stuff along with yourself and paying your airline. Your luggage will be there in India at your hotel before your arrival. In order to make your trip even more memorable here are a few tips and places with which you make your vacations enjoyable.

Worthy tips while travelling to India

India is a country which has different religions, languages, cultures and rituals. All fingers in your hand are not equal the same as you will find every type of person in India. Not just people but also you should know each and everything or at least a few important things which helps you to be safe secure and healthy throughout your travel. Follow these tips for a happy journey:

Do not drink tap water

Unfortunately, India is one of those countries who does not have healthy and safe drinking water. To keep yourself safe it is suggested to not to drink tap water at all.

Learn how to bargain while shopping in India

Indian people are generous, kind and famous for their hospitality but not shopkeepers. There are so many things in India you want to purchase like clothes and some other stuff so beware of being con by shopkeepers.

On the first hand, they will tell you the price of things which is more than four times of actual cost. So learn to bargain and deal with them before purchasing anything.

Do not eat too much street food

Indian street food is really yummy and it is not possible to stop eating. You should try panipuri, samosa, paratha, chaat, dahi bhallay and pakoray at least once while your stay in India. But do not eat too much all these street food.

Say no to drugs

Many tourists came to India not just to enjoy their vacations but also for trying drugs like weed, cocaine and brown sugar. To make yourself safe and healthy, say no to drugs. All types of drugs are banned in India though they are easily available at almost every city and state.

But keep it in mind if you caught by the police you would be thrown in prison for six years and have to pay a heavy fine as well.

Worth to visit places in India

There is a huge list of places worth to visit in India, almost every state have so many cities where you can spend several weeks without getting bored. Usually, people like hill stations to spend their vacations so here are few of them.

Shimla, Himachal Pradesh

Shimla used to be the mid-year capital of the British Raj when they governed India. Presently it’s the capital of Himachal Pradesh. This town spreads along a mountain edge and is known for its ancient architecture and railroad.

The old Christ Church, with its wonderful re-coloured glass windows, is a standout amongst Shimla’s most conspicuous tourist spots. Another is on Observatory Hill named viceregal lodge. These can be seen on a walking trip of Shimla as well.

There are a lot of spots and sports for those who like an adventure. To reach there for short hiking and adventure, travel on the toy train to Shimla. If you need to make tracks in an opposite direction from the crowdy places in Shimla you should try Shoghi which is located 14 kilometres on the south.

Or Mashobra is also a good option for you which is situated 14 kilometres on the north. Or on the other hand, maybe royal homestay at Dhami steal your heart.


The nearest and superb hill station to Mumbai in Maharashtra, Matheran offers a lot of walking and hiking tracks and amazing views. The most amazing and unusual thing about this place is, vehicles are not allowed there.

Yes, it is true, vehicles are totally banned there even you cannot go there even on your bicycle. It’s a mitigating spot to loosen up far from any clamour and contamination. Far away from dust, noise and air pollution, this place is really the most relaxing place on the earth.

Manali, Himachal Pradesh

Famous for its beautiful views, elegant gardens, snow-covered mountains, and farms of red and green apples, Manali is a standout amongst the best hill stations in India in May and June. While visiting Manali, you should visit Rohtang Pass, the most noteworthy point on the Manali-Keylong Road.

Other incredible spots here are Kalath Hot Water Springs, Jogini Falls, Solang Valley and Vashist Hot Water Springs. As it is stated earlier that it is not possible to enjoy the colours of India in a few days, so it is suggested to you to make your plan for visiting Manali at least for a week. Especially if you are going to visit Manali in summer vacations.

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