Most Haunted Places To Visit in Shimla, Scariest Spot

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Together with snowy peaks, pine-tree, patronizing mountains, and valleys come the poltergeist stories from colleges, cemeteries, schools, tunnels, roads, and jungles in Shimla. Shimla being a most common tourist destination is also known for several supernatural activities. Here is the list of top five haunted places in Shimla which has maximized the ghostly stories to their recognition. Although you are daring enough, the unmanliness of the paranormal activity will definitely freeze your vertebrae!

1. Tunnel 33, Barog


The Tunnel No. 103 on Kalka road in Shimla – is widely known & accepted spot for tourists. Nobody would ever dare to walk through the tunnel No.33 alone of course. This tunnel has turn out to be most widespread for secrecy tunnel. Many of the visitors state that they sense the existence of somewhat similar to ghost or spirits within the tunnel. It is observed to be one of the most haunted places in India.


Localities declared that the ghost/ soul of Col Barog is still present in the tunnel. Apart from Col Barog spirit people say that the ghost of a man & lady is also found in the tunnel, it is observed that they ask for a lighter for lighting their cigarette.

2. Charleville Mansion


It is a century-aged isolated palace which was constructed in the British age. Situated upon the blossoming green mounts of Shimla, it was some time ago a house of Mr. Victor Bayley who was a British official who use to stay here with his wife. Before them, an armed forces official lived in the castle. The simple view of the house is ghostly that makes it a specific competitor in our record of most mysterious & haunted places in Shimla.

Both the families have stated eerie occurrences within the home like detection a British chap who gradually fades away, cracking and colliding objects in the home. The doings are rather brutal and troubling. Currently the house is possessed via an Indian who has renovated the complete home. Yet nowadays, localities tell that the eerie shadows & shapes loafing within the house.

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3. Convent of Jesus and Mary


It is one of the most renowned schools for girls in Shimla. Apart from this it is also famous for its paranormal activity in Shimla. The story behind this legend states that- on Friday the 13th of any month, a horseman on a white headless horse comes and proposes a girl of the school & offers her a Rose. If the girl accepts the proposal, the horseman takes her with him. In case of a rejection, the horseman kills the girl. Students usually avoid going to school on Fridays which fall on the 13th of the month.

4. Indira Gandhi Medical College


In India there are so numerous buildings, colleges, forts, houses, hospitals, libraries, schools & railway station that are stated to be ghostly. IGMC Shimla is out of one. It is widespread news that these mystical activities are happening because of the existence of poltergeist of the persons who pass away in this hospital. It is also known as one of the most haunted place in Shimla.

5. The Dukhani House – Shimla


There is somewhat strange in the freezing atmospheres of Shimla that make the mountainous region a much loved location for various poltergeists. These mounts are well-known to be the house of a several British spirits. Great houses and cottages that were filled with British officials in the time India was ruled through them are yet filled with their spirits. Frequently they confirm their survival to the person who resides in these accommodations. One similar extensive accommodation which is yet there in the stunning hills of Shimla is Dukhani hence making it scariest haunted place.

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