Shimla: Mesmerizing People from North to South

Mesmerizing People from North to South

Shimla is entrancing people by its colonial buildings,  white mountains, and cultural heritage all across India. Shimla has a rich cultural history that can be seen in the buildings of the capital. This beauty is not limited to the pictures, but it can be seen in Bollywood movies too. Dozens of Bollywood songs are set up on the mall road. The capital has much more adventure to offer like ice skating, river rafting, paragliding, skiing, mountain cycling, and trekking. This is the one place that can make tick all the adventurous tasks on your bucket list in a single go. For all the reckless people, Shimla can be the best place for you.

Here is the list of best places in Shimla to visit:-

The ridge

Ridge of the Shimla always makes to the top of the list of every visitor. I mean, why not? It is the mecca of the town and is easily connected to other spots like lakkar bazaar and mall road. The ridge has everything from shops selling traditional wears to the spectacular view of white mountains and lush green terrain. The wide-open streets on the mall road cover all types of shops and restaurants that captivate the tourists. The ridge also witnesses the summer festival every year held in May/June since 1960 to celebrate the arrival of summer. So whenever you plan your trip to Shimla, visit the ridge of Shimla and enjoy the enthusiastic vibes there.

The Jhakhoo Temple

The jakhoo temple is one of the most visited places of Shimla. The eminence of the temple can be sensed from the 33m looming statue of lord Hanumaan that can be seen from the greater distance covered with green alpine trees. The jhakoo hill is the highest place in Shimla and it can be a good peaceful place if you want to avoid the crowd. And on your stroll to the temple, some mischievous monkeys will also accompany you.

Viceregal Lodge

What makes the Shimla so fascinating and alluring? Its architectural buildings from colonial times. Right? And Viceregal lodge is one of them. In the British Raj, this was built as a summer home for viceroys and governor-general of India. Include viceregal lodge on your list for having a rich insight into the history.

Entry fees:- 20 INR for Indian tourists and 50 INR for foreign tourists


Kufri is the best place to be in Shimla and also known as Switzerland of the east. It is located 20 km from state capital Shimla on national highway no. 22. Kufri is the ideal deal for the people who are into skiing, rides and other adventures. And all these activities will not make your pockets tight until you repeating them for joy. The national park in the Kufri is the cherry on the top for wildlife lovers and trekkers. And the breathtaking view of snowcapped mountains lush green trees will give always fill you up with positivity.

Summer hill

Summer hills offers you a tremendous view located 5.6 km from Shimla. Summer hill has witnessed some historical visits like the visit of Mahatma Gandhi to the Georgian house of Rajkumari Amrit Kaur. The Himachal university too is located in the stunning summer hills.

Chadwick Falls

The name Chadwick has its history associated with it. The original name of the waterfall was “Chidku Jhaal” where “chidku” means sparrow. But Britishers finds it difficult to pronounce this name. So they changed it to the “Chadwick waterfalls”.The beautiful Chadwick fall is located in the Glen forest of Shimla. The water dribbles from the height of 1586 meters and surrounded by the steep hills of pines and deodar trees that add more beauty to the waterfall. People come here from cities to eschew heat and chaos.

Shimla is rich in beautiful places to visit. But these are some of the places you can’t ignore. The best time to visit Shimla is from March to June as the weather is perfect for outdoor activities.  From July to September, there is a drop in tourists visits because of heavy rainfalls. But if you are pluviophile and love the dribbing weather, then this time is perfect for you. On whatever time you decide your trip to Shimla, it will surely change your perspective of seeing the beauty.

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