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Most Haunted Places To Visit in Shimla, Scariest Spot

Indira-Gandhi-Medical-College-Haunted-Place - Ban

Together with snowy peaks, pine-tree, patronizing mountains, and valleys come the poltergeist stories from colleges, cemeteries, schools, tunnels, roads, and jungles in Shimla. Shimla being a most common tourist destination is also known for several supernatural activities. Here is the list of top five haunted places in Shimla which has maximized the ghostly stories to …

Best Tourist Places To Visit in Himachal Pradesh


Himachal Pradesh is the British Capital or the land of natural beauty or the snow land, adventure and calmness are the ideal locations to be in, throughout the summer. From holy places to townships steeped in tradition, from ancestral towns to gorgeous lakes, it has it all. As you walk into Himachal there is no …