Travel Blogger Interview – Pamela Mukherjee of Every Corner of World

Pamela Mukherjee of EveryCornerofWorld

Q. About yourself?

Ans : I’m Pamela a single, solo female traveler.  I grew up in a traditional Indian Bengali family in Durgapur, a small town at West Bengal near the virgin coastal area Digha, Bay of Bengal and loads of rivers. After finishing my bachelor’s degree, I came to New Delhi for job, with big dreams and a big hope. My travels to seethe places I’d read about, started in earnest after I joined my marketing boots. Coming from a moderate family, I’d grown up chugging around on trains with steam locomotives that belched clouds of smoke and whistled loudly. Then as a corporate employee, travel was normally work related. By profession I am an international business marketing manager. By passion I Am Not Only A Travel Blogger I am a You tuber, a writer, a photographer and a foodie. I dream big and make my dreams happen.

Q. What’s your favorite place so far?

Ans: Where ever I go I always fall for that place and I believe that every place has its unique beauty and culture to be justified. Few places are there I want to re-visit and Manali is one of them. The simplicity, beauty and natural view just amazing. 

Q. What can’t you travel without?

Ans: My phone, Camera, and hand sanitizer

Q. Do you prefer solo travel or with someone else?

Ans : For me the main motive is travel to a new place. Solo or with group I can manage everything.

Q. Which country has the friendliest people?

Ans : Depends on your behavior and prospect towards that country, you can find friendly people everywhere. I traveled so many places in India and out of India and I found people are extremely friendly because of my attitude towards them.

Q. Who is the most interesting person you’ve met so far?

Ans : Well I met so many people in my life and we become friends later on. They turned out to be the craziest travel buddies and it won’t be justified if I take only one name.

Q. What’s been your scariest moment?

Ans:  Last April I visited to Tosh and my phone got conked off due to poor battery. No electricity was there from last few days and at night when I was trying to sleep in my small room, few drunk people banged on my door and shouted outside. That was the creepiest moment I have ever faced.

Q. How would you describe yourself in 3 words?

Ans: Chatterbox, Shopaholic, Travel-Junkie

Q. What is your dream travelling experience?

Ans: Off beaten route of every corner of the World.

Q. Who is your dream travel companion?

Ans: Still searching.

Q. What was the best place you stayed in?

Ans:  Ahha.. I have experienced a lot of places in terms of luxury, adventure,eco-tourism , swiss tents etc. The best place I stayed at Novotel Darling Harbour at Sydney just beside the darling harbor dock, heart of Sydney.  (

Q. How many photos have you taken?

Ans: Well I don’t count when I click pictures but yeah unlimited I guess.

Q. What’s the most interesting animal you’ve seen?

Ans: Himalayan yak and baby Elephant with her mom.

Q. Do you prefer hot, cold or temperate places?

Ans : I am a winter lover. Cold, chilled weather just goes with me.

Q. Would you rather see a lot of places or get to know one really well?

Ans: My style of travelling is slow and whole. Experiencing a different culture and meeting interesting bunch of inhabitants fuels my wanderlust. For me visiting one city with all popular tourist places does not count as visiting the city! I travel length and breadth of it.

Q. What’s the longest single journey you’ve taken?

Ans: 9 days Sydney Australia trip so far.

Q. Which religious or spiritual sites have you visited?

Ans : I could not find a single place without spiritual sites. I have been so many places so far like Amritsar, Ajmer Shariff, Nijamuddin Chisti, Monastery, Mosque, Temples, Churches are few of my accomplishments.

Q. Which country has the best weather?

Ans: Every weather has some unique features for that country. So every country has some best time to visit and some off seasons,depends on your preference.

Q. Do you prefer to walk, take public transport, or take private transport?

Ans: Public transport or walk suits me but sometimes I travel in a luxurious way too and I opt for private transport to pamper myself.

Q. What destination have you found to be overrated?

Ans: Not yet crossed any over hyped place.

Q. What’s been the best street food you’ve had?

Ans: A bong girl has the answer for it ? … Though I am a foodie and can eat anything anytime but the best street food I cant say no is Fuchka.

Q. Beer or wine?

Ans : Anytime drink ? ummm Beer but cant say no to Wine too..

Q. Finally, what are your thoughts about Himachal Tourist Places blog?

Ans. Well I was going through Himachal Tourist Places blogs and I found its very descriptive with detailed information about each places. Also the blog covers traditional foods, local cultures and many more things in depth.

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