Month: September 2018

The Untold Story Of Malana – Top Secrets of Malana Village That No One Knows

wooden houses malana

Malana is an ancient village northeast of the Kullu Valley. This lonely village of Malana Nala, located to the side of the Parvati valley, is isolated from the rest of the world. At a height of 9,938 feet above sea level is the town of Malana, also known as the village of Taboos. This village …

5 Reasons Why Rishikesh Should Be On Your Bucket List

Top 5 Yoga Centers in Himachal

Summary: Rishikesh offers many things to its travelers. Explore the blog and know why this yogic town should be on your bucket list. Rishikesh is an alluring place that witnesses the confluence of natural beauty, yoga, and adventure. This small town in the North Indian state of Uttarakhand is located in the Himalayan foothills and …