Month: August 2019

How Indian Millennials Are Using Holiday Loans to Fund Their Travel Dreams

Holiday Loans to Fund Their Travel Dreams

Older people often think of Millennials as being frivolous spenders, but this generation is actually being quite smart with its money. While they’re more comfortable than their parents or grandparents with using credit and loans to fund their lifestyle, they’re also achieving their dreams faster. Take travel for instance. Rather than putting off travel plans …

Inspiring Interview with Traveler Param and Shikha From TheUntourists

Param and Shikha Travel Blogger Interview

About yourself? We are Param and Shikha, the Untourists, film makers who travel to explore this beautiful world we live in. Trying to avoid the regular routine, seeing the same places different and some unseen places which we often don’t write about. What’s your favourite place so far? Planet Earth. Actually impossible to pin point …