6 Amazing Drink & Dine Experience when Traveling in Himachal

Drink & Dine Experience when traveling in Himachal

A beloved backpacking destination cradled in the arms of nature, Himachal is a majestic beauty that must be on your “to visit” list. The breath-taking beauty of this place paired with the adventurous experiences you can get here simply make this an amazing destination to have it all. The snow-capped cities not only offer a treat to your eyes but also brim you with joy with its fabulous drink and dine experiences that you can catch up on your journey.

With a colorful blend of spices that decorate the cuisine here, you will get a chance to relish everything from fish, to exotic Arabian recipes to even personalized chocolates. The mouth-watering range of Indo-Asian-Arab fusion that dominates the kitchens here is a must try while you soak in the beauty of this fabulous destination. If you are planning to enjoy the picturesque destination and its fine dine and drink experiences, then here are 6 amazing spots that might be your type in Himachal.

The Devicos, Shimla

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The majestic mountains that beautify this place can only be perfectly enjoyed if paired with the most elegant range of cuisine. The Devicos stands among the historic eateries you can enjoy in Shimla that has the best night time ambiance in the city. The place offers some of the best dishes from European and traditional Indian cuisine that are simply drooling worthy. The restaurant also has a bar serving a wide range of drinks like Carmessi and exotic wines you can enjoy with your delicious food.

The interiors are well decorated in Rajasthani styles and also reflect the European roots of Shimla. In fact, The Devicos has a double life that offers a fine dining experience for families in daylight and in the night and turns into a modern, sleek bar with premium brands of drinks lined up. The Devicos lights the place up with its energy and vibrant neon lights that will remind you of a western night club. The place is brimming with upbeat college crowd from Shimla and is among the best dining destination to enjoy the beauty of the city. The dishes are moderately priced and will not cut your pocket too deep. This is a perfect vibe to balance the chilly weather with a glass of your favorite drink while you get mystified by the beauty of the Himachal.

Chelsea Club, Manali

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Discover the mythical beauty of Manali while you look up into the star flooded sky that will light up your soul. While Manali is a gift from nature, there is definitely more to enjoy in the place. If you want to light your day by shaking your leg to your favorite tunes Chelsea club is where you need to be. The club is located in The Holiday Inn and offers a one of a kind experience to enjoy the air brimming with energy. This place is the go-to destination if you want to have fun in Manali with the perfect food and drink choices. This is a great place to hang out with a big group of friends on a road trip.

The well-stocked bar and their outstanding cocktail preparations are simply outstanding, while the DJ and discotheque match the vibe by filling your experience with never-ending song choices. In fact, the amazing cocktails of this club match with the lip-smacking snacks and recipes they prepare that will soothe your soul with its unmatchable texture and taste. The range of options available is also quite a lot so there is definitely something waiting especially for you. The ambiance makes the overall experience a notch more fun and makes this worthy of being a slightly pricey place to dine.

Open Air Restaurant at The Orchid, Manali

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This open-air restaurant located in The Orchid Greens lets you dine your favorite cuisines under the enchanting blanket of stars that wrap the sky here. The restaurant is loaded with an exotic variety of food that belongs to various cuisines which makes it an ideal place to enjoy an amazing dinner. The entire environment is welcoming and cozy and the interiors of The Orchid Greens are well created to make it artistic and a treat to the eye.

This place also gives a view of the majestic mountains that parade in the background that is fabulous to witness as much as some of the most delicious food you must have enjoyed till date. Unlike common knowledge the place is actually affordable and is located centric to various places in the mall road was which makes it accessible too. The buffet is one of the best options to enjoy the amazing choice of foods. The drink menu is also pretty amazing and you will enjoy some melodic music that goes with the amazing food.

Copacabana, Mandi

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If you are craving for some Chinese cuisine to accompany the fantabulous weather and the heart throbbing beauty of the view of Himachal then, Copacabana is the right place to go to. This restaurant located in the Raj Hotel is the rear dining hall where you can witness a completely new experience. You get to dine out under large, tree-shadowed garden crafted to elegance to make it an appealing space to enjoy your evening. And the next best part that makes this an ultimate destination is drinking in the gazebo. The ambiance will take you back on a ride to the colonial times and make the trip a worthy memory.

The cuisine is prepared to perfection with the drool-worthy delicacies whose aroma fills the air. The hot food reaching your table accompanied by some of the best drinks like Dimple Pinch, you have enjoyed so far is worth the trip to this place. They pair well brilliantly to offer you a treat while you enjoy the picturesque view of Himachal that is simply flawless and gorgeous. The place has an amazing environment to enjoy a chatty dinner party with your friends as well as has some romantic spots to enjoy a cozy meal together. The menu is large and the varieties prepared are fresh and delicious. Apart from Chinese do not forget to get a taste of the mutton palak and tandoori trout which are jaw-dropping perfect.

Seventh Heaven, Shimla

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While the setting in Shimla is ever romantic if you are looking for the right place to enjoy an intimate dinner then Seventh Heaven is a great choice for you. The place stands true to its name offering a heavenly experience to hang out. The ambiance is cozy and comfortable to enjoy a lovely dining experience. This place lets you soak in one of the most beautiful view and amazing food and all of this in affordable prices.

Starting with the appetizers the varieties are pretty unique and the recipes brim with a clash of flavors in them. But even before your meal reaches your table the enchanting mountain top view of Shimla will leave you mesmerized and occupied. While you might crave to enjoy the lovely delicacies with a strong choice of drink at hand this place will be great to enjoy both. The menu is diverse and includes the best dishes from various regions that open a lot of options to choose from. The outdoor terrace is a highlight for sure where you can drench yourselves in the beauty of this city while the fire keeps you warm and joyous.

Cliff Houzz, Kasauli

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If you are looking for a place to enjoy a calm brunch while in the midst of land so mystically beautiful as Kasauli then Cliff Houzz is where you should head to. The place caters to the needs of varying diet options including Vegan, Gluten-free and Vegetarian menu which makes it one of the most loved spots here. In fact, catering is an understatement given the varieties which are available for each of these diet specifications and the unmatchable taste of them all. This way you can travel worry-free and enjoy amazing taste like Tesco chocolate biscuits mixed with bsn syntha 6.

The interior is beautifully carved in wooden structures that add a statement look to this place. The bar offers amazing drink choices to go with the food. The music brims the air with joy and the rustic interior charm pairs well with it. Some of the best dishes to enjoy here are mushroom soup, risotto, pasta, and tikkas. You can find Asian, Indian and continental specialties wonderfully prepared to make you fall in love with this place. If you are looking for an energetic environment to chat, giggle, relax and enjoy with some drinks and amazing food then Cliff Houzz is the house of it all.

More people are starting to understanding the beauty of investing in traveling and gaining memories from these experiences. The idea of painting the town red, riding around and experiencing the good, better and best these places can offer can be exciting and all you need might be a Suzuki sv650 to move around. While drinks and dining are essentials, finding the best place to enjoy them both can make a huge difference to the overall experience. So try out these ecstatic places while you travel to Himachal which promise to give you memories of a lifetime.


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