A Trip From Roommate To Friend

Traveling with Roommate

It’s a world where travelling is no longer a luxury, every year thousands of people take trips with friends, family or embark on a solo adventure. Unfortunately, very few take the hardest journey one can imagine – A journey towards a deep-rooted friendship. Most people live with other people who are interesting, but they are too busy to notice. Indeed, living in this city can forget that at times, the people sharing a room in the paying guest in Pune aren’t necessarily your friends yet.

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Living together doesn’t mean you have a bond with your roommate, that takes more effort, its all about getting to know and trust each other. Forming that bond can be a painstaking task if you don’t know how. The easiest way? Traveling, of course. There is perhaps nothing that can teach you about your roommate or teach them about you than traveling together.

Remember, that the 1 bhk Flat on rent in Pune without brokerage shouldn’t be the only topic of conversation on the road. Ensure that you take a few essentials with you on the trip that are a symbol of your identity. Here are a few destinations to make that trip from roommate to friend.


Goa Tour
You can’t say weekend getaway in India without thinking about the fun-filled beaches of Goa. Whether a weekend or an extended holiday, Goa is the perfect place to chill on the beach with a few beers and get to know your roommate better. Aside from the beaches, Goa is a cultural wonderland with magnificent churches, flea markets and even parties that will keep your roommate and you active and constantly having fun.

Andaman Islands

Andaman Islands Tour
There are very few destinations in the nation like the tranquil islands of Andaman and Nicobar. The mesmerising sea is the perfect place to relax and let’s not forget the islands have an energy about them that is unforgettable. You could also experience the magnificent marine life by snorkelling or just try exploring a life detached from the worries of the mainland. Indeed, these islands are the perfect destination to create a bond that lasts a lifetime. Remember to take in the beautiful scenic landscapes and soak in that coastal atmosphere unique to these islands.

Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh Tour
The entire state of Himachal Pradesh offers your roommate and you with a visual treat everywhere you look, be it McleodGanj or Dharamshala, the diversity of this state offers everything from an outdoor hike, ski trips or even a spiritual or religious getaway. This state is a truly magnificent destination to form a deep, lasting friendship over, spend a week and explore the state with your roommate and experience a truly inspiring and unique bond form that is possibly going to last a lifetime.

Remember, bonds take time, take your time to get to know each other, carry music your roommate and you like to listen to during your journey, talk to each other and try learning about each other’s interests. This trip could be an adventure of a lifetime!

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