Best Adventure And Trekking Destinations in The Lap of Himachal

The Mesmerizing Places to Trek in the Lap of Himachal Pradesh

Trekking in Himachal Pradesh is great fun. There are adventure trekking places in this part of India. The region is encased with the perpetual splendor, with serene valleys and the majestic slopes. Here you can see nature at its best. One can sense the respectable atmosphere and the prosperous and the spirited culture. The beautiful region offers with brilliant trekking opportunities. It is time that you know about the Himachal trekking destinations, to have a brilliant experience all through. You can visit the gateway with your family. You can even be at the place just for adventure. In fact, there are activities and options to avail at the same time.

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23 Most Beautiful Trekking Places in the Himachal

1. Beas Kund Trek: To experience the grandeur of Himalayan trekking, you can be at the destination of Beas Khund Trek. Here you can experience the placid high altitude of the alpine glacial lake. It would be exciting to camp at the base of the Himalayan peaks covered with snow. The trailing head here is absolutely accessible. You find the trail to be steep in certain places. The spot is just right for people who are trekking for the first time.

2. Bhrigu Lake Trek: As part of the list of trekking places in Himachal, you can be at the Bhrigu Lake Trek. Here you can trek to get to the famous lake of Bhrigu. Trekking on the meadow gives you the rare feel. You can at least trek for 2 to 3 days at the place. It is interesting to be at the high altitude alpine meadows and watch the nature’s bounty. The meadow starts at 11,000 feet and you just have to cross the tree line.

3. Bijli Mahadev Temple: Among the places to trek in Himachal Pradesh you can be at the Bijli Mahadev Temple near Kullu. The hill station is located high of 7500ft. The hill where the temple is located is called Mathan. The place is wonderfully surrounded by the Parbati, Bhunter, Garsa, and Kullu valleys. On the top of the hill you find the Shiva Temple. There is a small village at the foothill of the temple. The village is named after the Temple as Bijli Mahadev.

4. Dainkund Peak: Among the Exciting Treks in Himachal, you can be at the Dainkund Peak in Dalhousie. This is known to be the perfect air forest base. Here you can trek for two kilometers. Things seem difficult once you start and then you get going normally. You can get snow if you be here before March. The snow covered view of the place is awesome. At the point you find the old temple with shops. You even have options to sit and eat in case you are hungry.

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5. Fagu Ski FResort: In Himachal Pradesh you cannot miss the chance to be at Fagu Ski Resort. This is based in Shimla with some of the rare scenic natural locations. The place is frequented by travelers throughout the year. Here, you find the small village of Fagu. The destination is known to be popular for skiing. The elevation of the place is 2450 meters. This is one of the best places in India where you get involved with the interesting activities.

6. Great Himalayan National Park: At the destination of Himachal Pradesh you can be at the Great Himalayan National Park. This is for sure one of the Camping Treks In Himachal. The national park is located in the Kullu region. The park came into being in 1984. And it is a covered area of 1,171 km². The place has been an awe and inspiration for countless tourists and trekkers. Here you can admire the biological diversity and you have more things to pursue at the place.

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7. Hatu Peak: If you are looking for a one day trekking trip you can be at Hatu Peak in Himachal Pradesh. This is the trekking ground with the best of surprises. This is the full fledged mountain trekking ground with lots of surprises for the aspiring trekkers. Here, you can trek along the dark pine forest and enjoy the superb mountain views. You can walk through the enchanting meadows, and you can feel the thrill of walking on the snow.

8. Illaqa or Lahesh Cave Trek:
Among the Adventure Trekking Places in Himachal Pradesh, you can simply make your way to the Illaqa or Lahesh Cave Trek. It has a distance of 123 kilometers from the place known as McLeod Ganj. It is 17 kilometers from Dharamshala. The Lahesh Cave is an exciting camping ground, and during summer you can find the shepherds frequenting the destination. You just love walking through the high altitude meadow at Lahesh Cave.

9. Jogini Waterfalls:
In Himachal Pradesh you would love the ambiance of the Jogini Waterfalls. It is 4 kilometers from the Vashisht Temple and you have to travel for 7.5 Km to reach to the Manali bust stand. This is a beautiful waterfall area in the Vashisht Village of Himachal Pradesh. It is even known to be the famous camping ground.

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10. Kalatop Khajjiar Wildlife Sanctuary:
In Dalhousie you can be at the Kalatop Khajjiar Wildlife Sanctuary. The area comes with the thick deodar foliage, and here you can find the array of exciting wildlife. The attractions of the place include snowcapped mountains, verdant grasslands and fresh water lake.

11. Kalka or the Shimla Railway:
You can even be at Kalka or the Shimla Railway. This is one of the astounding Himachal trekking destinations, with the best of attractions. You can be here and feel the essence of true trekking ambiance.

12. Kasol Tosh Trek:
In Himachal Pradesh you have the fabulous trekking destination of Kasol Tosh Trek. This place has the best of hospitality and warmth to offer. The place is lovely where you can walk up the pristine scow capped peaks.

13. Khajjiar:
It is interesting to be at Khajjiar. This is a specific hill station in the north Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. Here you can visit the Khajji nag Temple which is dedicated to the serpent God. The nearby area is surrounded by the cedar forest and this makes the ground an ideal trekking destination.

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14. Kharapathar:
In Himachal Pradesh you can make your way to Kharapathar. This is the area with indefinable blending of reality and myth, facts and fiction. Here you find the traditional towering temples, the legends and the charming architectures. The soaring mountain at the place is sure to excite you.
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15. Kheer Ganga Trek:
As part of the list of the trekking places in Himachal you can simply stop at Kheer Ganga. This is the place with the hot water spring. You have the dedicated temple to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. It is known that the youngest son of Lord Shiva meditated at the point. This makes the place interesting from the devotional point of view.

16. Kufri Ski Resort: In Himachal Pradesh you can be at the famous tourist destination of Kufri Ski Resort. The place is sixteen kilometers from Shimla. The destination is famous for the ski slopes and the fantastic views. Kurfi is known to attract the largest number of tourists each year. There is even a small zoo frequented by the kids and adults.

17. Malana Chanderkhani Pass Trek: In this part of India you can wildly trek at the Malana Chanderkhani Pass Trek. The place offers five days expedition. You can enjoy the ethereal beauty of the place, and you can even be a part of the local cuisine and the local culture of Malana Chanderkhani.

18. Narkanda: Among the things to do in Himachal Pradesh you can be at Narkanda. This is 440 kilometers from Delhi, and you need two hours to drive from Shimla. Here, you can reach to the crest of the mountain and you can see the gradual ascent suitable for trekking.

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19. Pin Valley National Park: There are exciting treks in Himachal, and among them you can be at Pin Valley National Park. You can be here when visiting Rohtang Pass. Here you find the drastic of landscape variance. You can enjoy the lush green of the Kullu valley and there are more things to enjoy and encompass.

20. Parashar Lake and Temple: In Himachal Pradesh you can make plans to visit the Parashar Lake and Temple. It is 49 kilometers north of Mandi. Here you can find the three storied pagoda like temple and this is dedicated to Sage Parashar. The height of the lake makes this a perfect ground for trekking.

21. Raison – River Rafting:
You even get the chance to do river rafting in Himachal Pradesh and for this you can visit the Raison. This is the most famous point in Kullu and Raison is known for the cluster of the interesting villages near to the Beas River. This is where you can try rafting and feel great.

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22. Rohtang Pass:
Rohtang Pass in Himachal Pradesh is the most interesting area you can visit. The view and the ambiance are just too good. Here it is tough trekking the peaks, but if you are an expert you are sure to love the view of the place. It is just amazing and speechless to be here.

23. Serolsar Lake:
There are camping treks in Himachal. As part of the list you can be at Serolsar Lake. It is located at an altitude of 3199 meters. The place is surrounded by the thick vegetation of the alpine forest. Here you find the wonderful amalgamation of flora and fauna. It is believed that the lake water has medicinal properties.

In Conclusion

There are more places to visit and trek in Himachal Pradesh. Among them you can be at destinations like Solang Valley, Tirthan Valley and Triund Hil. These are true exciting trekking grounds both for the tourists and international trekkers.


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