Travel Hacks That Will Save You Money and Add Fun to Your Trip


Most of us travel at some point in life. But, in actual life, it is not easy for many people to travel easily and comfortably because of a number of reasons. Travel costs a lot of money and sometimes many people don’t know how to travel their favorite destinations in a limited budget. You can go somewhere with a meager budget and have great fun if you follow some tips. So, do you want to know how to visit your favorite destinations in a limited budget and have great fun? If yes, then read the recommendations detailed here below:

Organize Group Travelling If possible

Group travel

When you plan a tour, there are a number of priority issues that need to be addressed, such as the route, transportation, cost calculation, find out the schedule of places that you plan to visit, etc. When you travel alone, there are chances that you spend more on certain items, stay in an expensive hotel and bear the cost of your movement from one place to another alone. Group travelling helps you to minimize the financial cost of your tour and have great fun with other people.

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Find Countries That Have Visa-Free Regime


Travelers have to pay a considerable amount of money to obtain the travel visa of foreign countries. If you looking for ways to save some bucks here, look for countries that have a visa-free regime with your country, such as Indian people can easily travel Nepal without requiring any visa and passport. They just need to have a proof of personal identity to cross the border. The USA-Canada has the same system, which benefits people belonging to both countries. Explore such possibilities in your case. Some countries offer the facility of VISA ON ARRIVAL. Just use this to visit beautiful countries within a low budget.

Participate in Different Activities for Fun

participate in different activities

You can have fun during your tour to a new place. Some important fun activities are:

Fun Activities During Tour Brief Explanation
Music party with your localhost Participate in disco, bear bars, music parties, etc with your friends to have fun and listen to your favorite music. All guests in the party will be satisfied with the program regardless of their musical taste.
Play outdoor games and water sports You can play outdoor games with locals to have fun, such as cricket, football, hokey, different types of water games.
Participate in adventurous activities Camp in Jingle, mountain climbing, skiing etc.

Stay in Inexpensive Hotels

inexpensive hotel

While travelling, there is no need to stay in expensive hotels. You can dwell in inexpensive hotels to save your bucks and have a pleasant trip on a low budget. Staying in expensive hotels can make a big hole in your budget if you are traveling alone and you don’t have the sufficient more money for tour.

Enjoy Local Food and Drinks Available at affordable Price Tags

enjoy local food

Always keep in mind that every country or province has its special food and drinks. When you tour a new country, don’t get carried away with a famous hotel brand. Look for restaurants and hotels where local food and drinks are available at inexpensive price tags. This will help you to save a considerable amount of money.

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Use Free Wi-Fi For Communication

free wifi

Always keep in mind that telecom companies charge you additional sum when you are in international roaming and you need to make calls to your near and dear ones. Just avoid making direct calls as far as possible and use Free Wi-Fi connection to communicate with your friends and relatives back in your native place.

Use Public Transport facilities in Place of Private Taxi Services

Public transport facilities are inexpensive compared to private taxis. So, use them as far as possible to save your bucks and travel from one place to another in fewer expenses.

Buy Travel Insurance

travel insurance

Although it may seem that you just waste your money before the trip, insurance is very important for a budget traveler. Because if you are not insured in a foreign country and you suddenly need medical help, it can cost thousands of dollars.

Travel Via Cheap Flights

cheap flights

Just view the list of low-cost airlines and determine if you can find cheap tickets. If you are planning a trip, but have not yet decided on the destination country, look where tickets are cheaper and take a final destination accordingly.

 Make Full Use of Couch Surfing Possibilities

couch surfing

It is an opportunity to stay in the homes of other people (friends, relatives, etc,) as a guest and not pay that. This not only helps you save a lot of money but also allows you to get acquainted with another culture from the inside and get real experience of travelling.

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 Bargain While Purchasing Goods and Services


Sometimes, the cost of goods for a traveler is s more expensive than for local residents. Learn to bargain and get a better price for yourself. But, if the seller is really not determined to reduce the price, look for the same stuff available on a low-price tag from other shopkeepers.


Do not let a low budget to stop you on the road to the trip you have been dreaming about for long. Just look for opportunities of travelling on a low budget by applying different tricks and tips as mentioned above. Happy journey!

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