Choosing The Right Size Wakeboard

When choosing a wakeboard, people may find it amusing that how many options are available in the market. Every wakeboard shop is full of various boars, some curvy, some straight, some with fins, some plain, there are a lot of options. These options sometimes may confuse the buyer and especially someone who is buying it for the first time.

If the wakeboard is too small, then it won’t float, and if it’s extra large, then it will be stiff on water. So if you are a new-buyer or are gathering the information to upgrade the present wakeboard, these tips may help.
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Where The Height Stands

Where some people may deny it to their bone that the height is an essential factor while choosing wakeboard, it is.
According to the veterans of the game, the height of a person is equally vital like weight while choosing a wakeboard.
They blame it on science; apparently Sir Isaac Newton’s law of gravity is responsible for this.
Most of the wakeboards come with a manufacturer’s chart wakeboard shops are stocking such boards because of the high demand.

Weighting The Mass

Mass or weight of a person is a necessary element in the process of buying a wakeboard.
A person is trying to float on the water over a board, right? So, neglecting the weight factor while choosing a wakeboard is out of the question.
Some people may even say that it is the only thing that you have to worry about while choosing your board.
There is no rocket science involved in this method, bigger the person, larger the board.
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“Foam, Graphite, Wood!”

No this is not another form of “Rock, paper, scissors” it means the material of the board.
Material of a wakeboard is like its essence, if you choose the wrong one, you may not get the boost you were after.
Today you can buy wakeboards made out of three things from wakeboard shops, foam, wood, and graphite.

1. Foam

Boards made off foam are popular among beginners, these are more robust and sturdy while wooden ones are well-liked by the professionals.

2. Wood

With wooden wakeboards you get more flexibility on the water, but these are not long-lasting.

3. Graphite

Graphite is an experimental material people are choosing more and more over the customary wood and foam. Graphite boards are lighter than the first two and are awesome in the air due to the less swing weight.
Almost all the wakeboards have the lamination of fiberglass so don’t forget to ask about the material when in a wakeboard ropes.
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Choose The Most Comfortable Bindings Ever

Bindings are another dominant dynamic that you have to keep in mind while choosing a wakeboard. It is the thing which keeps you connected to the board so as you would expect is quite essential. The bindings should neither be so tight that it may affect your blood flow nor be so loose that it leads to a fall. Buying a board with adjustable binding is also a great option. If multiple persons are using one wakeboard, then ask for adjustable bindings when visiting a wakeboard shop.

Shape of Your Board

The form of your board is the one thing that requires the most attention. The shape decides how your board is going to behave on the board. For example, wider boards are good for the air tricks but are intricate to move. On the other hand, slender boards are nicer on the water tut are not so good for air tricks.

Mind The Fins

Fins of any board provide stability and improve your control of the water. Users have different opinions on this matter; some prefer the fins others not so very much. Beginners use longer fins for the extra grip and training purposes and professionals use smaller fins for better performance in air.
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Ending Note

So, these were a few tips and guidelines that may help you next time you visit any wakeboard shop.


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