Last Village of Indian-Tibet Border – Chitkul Popular Tourist Place in Kinnaur, Himachal

Chitkul Village Popular Tourist Places

Chitkul is the village that closest to the Tibet border. It acquires the fine surroundings with an ambiance living space. If the people make the tour to the Tibet, they cannot miss a chance to visit this place. It attracts the visitors with the welcoming hospitability and offers the perfect stay with samaa resort. It is regarded as the last village of India that situated on the Tibet border. It is located at the baspa river.

Once the tourists enter into the Tibet, they first visit this village and then go visit other places. If you plan for a trip, it is the best place for you that suitable for the money.

Chitkul Gram Panchyat Popular Tourist Place
From this village, the travelers can stay at the Sangla Resort and visit the many places in chitkul. You can reach the place within an hour. The travelers can access the best hotels and restaurants from the chitkul. The wheat cultivation is done at this place. If you visit the place, you can get the special permission from the concerned authority. You can get the perfect trekking experience in the chitkul. There is a lush green mountain, little snow present in the village.

Attracts the Visitors

Chitkul School Popular Tourist Place

It is a very attractive place for the travelers. If you make a trip plan during the summer season, you first book the room from the luxury hotels. You can stay amazing in this place and access the transport service quickly. You can visit many places in this village with the different mode of transportation. The travel agents give the right plan to you and arrange the room option before you reach the village.

Chitkul Village Popular Tourist Place

There are various camp sites and apple gardens are located in the Baspa River. You can enjoy the nature of the river and discover many things. You can get the perfect layout of the trip from the travel agency and ask them for the right hotels and restaurants available in the village. It is an absolutely gorgeous village in India and gain the perfect view of other cities of Tibet. The visitors can see lots of streams crossing the road. You can keep up safety measures while trekking on the mountain.

Visit the Beautiful Tourist Place

You can get the excellent view of the mountain, snow peak and others. If you want to enjoy a trip with your friend and family members, it is the right tourist attraction place forever in the world. With the advent of the technology, you can see the beautiful places in this village that you like to visit. You can explore the beauty of nature in a perfect way without any hassle. It is something different place that gives joy and fun to your trip.

Chitkul Dhaba Popular Tourist Place

You can fall in love with this place and visitors attracted by the beautiful landscape. You can use to visit the place or else to get the guidance for visiting the chitkul. Only seven hundred people live in the village. There is one temple called goddess mathi situated at the village.

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