Inspiring Traveler Interview With Rahul Sharma from Inside Out With Rahul Yuvi

Rahul Sharma Indian Travel Blogger

About yourself?

Hey ! I am Rahul Sharma – A Civil Engineer , a Travel Blogger , A Spiritual Seeker, A Book & Restaurant Reviewer and a Movie lover { May not sound intellectual but I just love Bollywood Stuff 🙂 } . Besides , for last two years, my introduction is synonymous with my Blog name (Just Google : Inside Out with Rahul Yuvi )

What’s your favourite place so far?

Rahul Indian BloggerJungfraujoch (Interlaken, Switzerlad). Though the whole experience was magical & beyond words yet I have tried to summarize the same here: An Incredible Train Journey to the top of the Europe – Interlaken Ost Station to Jungfraujoch (Switzerland Diaries) !

What can’t you travel without?

My apparels & Multi-Currency Card.

Do you prefer solo travel or with someone else?

Rahul Sharma Travel BloggerMore often than not , I travel with my Family .

Which country has the friendliest people?

Switzerland for sure.

Who is the most interesting person you’ve met so far?

A Guy called Thomas at Ashwem Beach , Goa . He was selling coconut water but was full of knowledge & shot my video like a pro.

What’s been your scariest moment?

Rahul Indian Travel BloggerI kind of got lost in Paris as I got separated from my group.

8. How would you describe yourself in 3 words?

Compassionate , Lively , Globetrotter

What is your dream travelling experience?

To Travel First Class to Vegas

Who is your dream travel companion?

Rahul Sharma Blogger from InsideOutWithRahulYuviGeorge Clooney

What was the best place you stayed in?

Namah Resort at Jim Corbett National Park, Dhikuli, Uttarakhand, India . I have even reviewed the same here : Namah – A Luxury Resort amidst Wildlife ! #Jim Corbett

How many photos have you taken?

You mean so far , well countless but no selfies please !

What’s the most interesting animal you’ve seen?


Do you prefer hot, cold or temperate places?

Rahul blogger from IndiaDefinitely Cold

Would you rather see a lot of places or get to know one really well?

Knowing a particular place & it’s culture too well is what I always look forward to.

What’s the longest single journey you’ve taken?

Longest Travel in one go : By Road –> 7.5 hours from New Delhi to Shimla , Himachal Pradesh ; By Flight : 9 hr 20 minutes , New Delhi to Paris

Which religious or spiritual sites have you visited?

religious or spiritual placeBeing on a my Spiritual Journey for last 2.5 years or so , instead of sites name , I would rather mention name of the enlightened people which have inspired me : Gautam Budha of course , Jiddu Krishnamurthy , Osho, Ramana Maharshi , S.N.Goenka (Vipassana) . You may like to read my spiritual Blogs here : Spiritual Blogs

Which country has the best weather?


Do you prefer to walk, take public transport, or take private transport?

Though I just love to walk but honestly & unfortunately , I have been using private transport way too often . I however plan to change the stats soon.

What destination have you found to be overrated?

Rahul Sharma from InsideOutWithRahulYuviMalaysia – It disappointed me a lot particularly in terms of cleanliness and technology .

What’s been the best street food you’ve had?

Spring Rolls on a road side vendor (thela ) at my hometown Kurukshetra . You may like to read about my hometown Kurukshetra here : Rendezvous with The Land of Karma -KURUKSHETRA ! (Incredible India)

Beer or wine?

Would prefer a Virgin Mojito instead.


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