Traveler Interview With Shweta Gahlyan – A Nomadic Soul Traveler

Tell Me About Yourself?

My name is Shweta Gahlyan, 26 years old aspiring traveler and budding photographer currently working as a Process Trainer for living with a MNC. I have traveled many places till now but traveling is never enough for a lifetime.

A person who loves to travel is called “A Walking Wanderer

About Shweta Gahlyan

What’s Your Favourite Place So Far?

Out of all the places that i have traveled Bhutan is one of my favorites indeed the land of happiness with amazingly friendly and generous people and equally amazing landscape with more than 70% of their land covered with trees.

Bhutan Trip By Shweta Gahlyan

What Can’t You Travel Without?

I always prefer traveling light backpacking but I can never go without my sanitation and hygiene goods like sanitizers, tissue papers (wet/dry) and lip balm that’s all.

Traveling With Light Backpacking

Do You Prefer Solo Travel or With Someone Else?

I have traveled solo to Bhutan and Malaysia but I would prefer going in smaller groups of 2-3 than big groups as I find it more convenient and more of I don’t feel safe traveling solo in India.

Trip with Friends

Which Country Has The Friendliest People?

Anywhere than India has friendly people, at least that is what I feel, you don’t come across those uncomfortable stares outside, however himachali people are quite friendly.

Trip To Himachal By Sweta Traveler

Who is The Most Interesting Person You’ve Met So Far?

I believe there can’t be a finite number of interesting people that you meet, with the kind of my job profile and traveling often, I meet lots of new people more often, be it on my job or while traveling. From one of the most interesting Chinese receptionist who is telling you all by reading your face because his father is a Chinese Astrologer or my handsome hotel chauffeur or be it my trainees or some co travelers or locals. World is full of interesting people.


What’s Been Your Scariest Moment?

So once I was staying in a hotel (not some shady one, but a luxury one) outside India and used to working late night. One fine morning I woke up and went along with my work and office and everything, by the end of the day I opened my phone gallery to check on some photographs and found out a photo of mine sleeping on my bed in my hotel room clicked by someone else, and let me mention that I was living all alone there, that incident just freaked the shit out me.


How Would You Describe Yourself In 3 Words?

  • Unapologetic
  • Liberated Soul
  • Unafraid


What Is Your Dream Travelling Experience?

Witnessing northern lights and self illuminating beaches and staying overnight in an Igloo.

Arambol Beach Goa

Who Is Your Dream Travel Companion?

No one specific


What Was The Best Place You Stayed In?

  • A small cottage in CHOPTA, Uttarakhand:  surrounded by valley from all sides where one can have the amazing star gazing experience.

CHOPTA, Uttarakhand

  • My apartment in Malaysia, it was on 43rd floor, hence giving me the feel of a giant man in LILIPUT, the entire town was full tiny colorful houses and clouds just outside my window pane below me whenever it used to rain.

Shweta Apartment in Malaysia

How Many Photos Have You Taken?

A traveler can never count the number of photos taken so far, each traveling experience comes up with 100s of photographs, because you wanna capture everything.

Shweta Collarge

What’s The Most Interesting Animal You’ve Seen?

  • Pandas (I consider it as my spirit animal), the cutest, such huge and much lazy.

Pandas Animal

  • Himalayan marmot and Water Otters because of their friendliness with human and them being so photogenic, they will give u best poses any day.


Do You Prefer Hot, Cold Or Temperate Places?

I can’t bear sun, hence prefer cold and temperate places like Himachal.

Cool whether in Himachal

Would You Rather See A Lot Of Places Or Get To Know One Really Well?

Travel a lot of places and knowing about them as much possible, but I can’t stick to knowing just one place very well.


Which Religious Or Spiritual Sites Have You Visited?

No count of number of spiritual places that i have visited. Buddhist and Hindu Temples, Islamic mosques, Chinese pagodas, religious treks, churches, have visited lots of them.

Putra Jaya Mosque Malaysia

Which Country Has The Best Weather?

Out of 3 countries that i have been to, I like Malaysia´s weather, as it rains and pleasant throughout the year and less pollution.

Shweta Gahlyan Traveler

Do You Prefer To Walk, Take Public Transport, Or Take Private Transport?

Take public transport or walk as its economical both on pocket and on my weight :p


What Destination Have You Found To Be Overrated?

I have not come across any hyped up or over rated destination; all was worth going till now.


What’s Been The Best Street Food You’ve Had?

No destination can beat delhi´s street food. However I love momos in hills.

Delhi Street Food Momos

Beer or Wine?

Wine…!!!!! PERIOD…!!!!!!
Shweta Gahlyan

You can follow Shweta Gahlyan on Instagram @clumsy_traveler

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