Languages Spoken in Himachal Pradesh, Pahari Language

Himachal Distt Wise Language Spoken - Copy

Himachal state is most popular and beautiful state in the world. Many of them like to go a trip to the state. It is one of the top most tourist destinations in the present world. Yearly, a wide range of tourist is visiting some amazing and wonderful places in the location. It is surrounded by full of mountains and captivating hill stations.  For the famous place, visitors come from various states and country to view stunning lakes, hill stations, Tibetan monasteries, pilgrimage and more. It is one of the tourist attractions for domestic and foreigners.   Places look amazing and gorgeous to look.

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The significance of speaking language in the state:

People in the Himachal Pradesh state are converse in various languages.  The language used to communicate with another person. Hindi is an official language which every people in the state speak.  It is an ancient language which comes from origin of Sanskrit.  This language is used in several dialects over the country. Apart from it, most of the people also converse in Pahari language. However, it helps to convey information each other.  Other than the Hindi language spoken by households in this location likes Dogri, Kangri, Punjabi, Kinnauri. Based on the historical records, Pahari language comes from Indian language.

State Name – Himachal Pradesh

Major Language Spoken – Hindi

Other Languages Spoken – Punjabi and Nepali

Language Spoken in Mandi – Mandiali

Language Spoken in Kullu – Kulavi

Language Spoken in Chamba – Chambali, Pangwali

Language Spoken in Nalagarh – Hinduari

Language Spoken in Mahasu – Miahasvi

Language Spoken in Bilaspur – Kehluri

Language Spoken in Kinnaur – Kinnauri

Language Spoken in Lahaul Spiti – Lahauli

This is similar to normal language and not big different from local language spoken for Himachal Pradesh people.

  • In India, Hindi is not an official language. Hindi will rank the third position around the world languages. If the visitor knows Hindi then they can handle easy to get perfect path to reach any destination in the place. People not know, they have to hire consultant to for best guiding.


  • Mostly, Punjabi is spoken in Punjabi community which people living in Pakistan and India in the world. Moreover, it is spoken by central and western part of this state.


  • North Indian people use Pahari language in the hill stations. People those who livings near north Indians and Himalayan foothills are spoken it.


Language is no problem for visitors, people guide you and communicate with sufficient languages. These are language that spoken by Himalayan people.

Get perfect tour guides:

There are many professionals available to guide right way to reach certain places. A tourist from other states no need to worry about the language, because they guide in your convenient language.  You can avoid risks when you try to understand language in the destination.  In the local area, they speak in sub-language that very helpful for the visitors who came from several places.  Top places in Himachal Pradesh such as Kullu, Manali, Shimla, Dharamshala and much more. By consultancy service, you can get better guidance.  They have knowledge of speaking with more languages to help tourists.

Pahari Language Spoken in Himachal Pradesh

The government will be encouraging the people to use Pahari language which derived from Prakrit and Sanskrit. The languages are differing for various communities in Himachal Pradesh.   People spoke some Pahari dialects in place which includes Mandela, Himachali, chambiali, kuluhi and churahi. Though several languages use in this state will be similar to other languages.


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