Maintain Your Health Practice While Traveling

Maintain Your Health Practice While Traveling

Yoga has become a part and parcel of many lives. Quite contrary to the popular belief, people have now realized that yoga is more than complex poses and weight loss. It is an ideal way of imbibing lifestyle changes and transforming your physical as well as mental health.

However, most people experience that their yoga schedule and practice goes for a toss while traveling. There is so much on the platter that yoga never becomes a priority. But sadly, after the trip, people end up feeling guilty for messing up with their regular practice. Once the trip is over, for some people, it is like beginning the practice all over again and not to forget the holiday blues!

It is important to keep the yogi in you alive even on trips and holidays so that you don’t completely lose your connect with yoga. You don’t need a yoga mat to sit and perform. You need not quit your practice. Here’s a look at some tips that will help in continuing your practice:

Pack a pair of yoga pants

No special clothing is required for practicing yoga. Just wear anything that makes you feel comfortable. However, if you love doing yoga in your trendy yoga pants, just pack them for the trip as well. When you don’t feel like working out putting on the workout gear can put you in the mood. Investing in a pair of decent workout Capri can also help in saving the space in your bag.

Set realistic goals

While you must strive to maintain a regular practice, don’t be hard on yourself. Set expectations that you can fulfill and even if you are not able to meet them, don’t get upset as trying is what counts. Just like you allow yourself to have cheat meals you can skip yoga also for a day or two.

Look for props around you

If you use yoga straps, blocks, or any other bulky items, you don’t need to pack them along and make your baggage heavier. You can easily use a scarf or a knee-length sock instead of a strap. Similarly, a block can be replaced with a hiking boot or running shoe as they will offer steady surface for the hand. A heavy book can be used for stability and rolled up blanket in place of meditation cushion.

Attend a virtual yoga class

Attending a yoga class in the city you would be holidaying can be an expensive affair. It is better to attend a virtual class. You can search the yoga videos online and you would find various yoga classes to suit your specific practice and yoga style. You can download the episodes before you depart so that it becomes easier while traveling in case there is no Wi-Fi.

Interact with people

If you are traveling with a group of people, try to find out if anyone of them is a yoga practitioner. Having like-minded people around will push you to maintain your practice and also give a class-like experience. Also, you can learn some new yoga and inspire each other.

Plan a routine

It is good to plan a routine that you can stick to but don’t set a fix schedule. What we mean is that makes your mind to practice yoga for few minutes a day but don’t set a specific time. As you are traveling, your schedule can go for a toss. It is important that you spend 20-25 minutes practicing yoga; however, it doesn’t matter whether you practice it in morning or evening.

Breathing and meditation

Always remember that even if you are not able to perform other form of yoga and poses, breathing and meditation is something that you can perform anywhere, even at night. You simply need peaceful surroundings and 5-10 minutes from your schedule for meditation.

Practice at the airport

This may sound surprising but many airports in the USA and other countries have dedicated space for yoga. Even if the airport doesn’t have a place for practice, you can make an effort to find a place for performing sun salutations before your flight.

These are some easy and simple tips to become better traveler through your yoga practice routine without putting special efforts. This will allow staying in touch with the yogi inside you and there would be no guilt post your trip.


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