Shrikhand Mahadev Trek at Rampur-Kullu in Himachal


Shrikhand Mahadev is one of the toughest and holy pilgrimages in India. It is famous for Lord Shiva as per the Hindu Mythology. Shrikhand Mahadev trek takes you to the peak of mighty Himalayas at the height of 16900 feet above the sea level. Shrikhand Mahadev Temple is situated at Rampur in Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh.

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Shrikhand Mahadev Yatra can be done from the Nirmand side or Arsu side. The whole trek goes through the rough glaciers covers and rocky moraine path. You are recommended not to attempt this trek if you have no experience of high altitude trekking. The base camp for the trek is situated at Jaun village or Singhad.

Shrikhand Mahadev Trek

From Nirmand to Jaun village side is the most popular and widely travelled route. You have to drive from Shimla to Jaun village via Rampur, Satluj River crossing, Nirmand Region of Kullu district to reach the base camp. This trek takes long 5-6 days.

Shrikhand Mahadev Kailash Yatra Trek

Location – Kullu, Himachal Pradesh

Best Time to Visit Srikhand Mahadev – It remains open for 15-20 days during 15th July to 5-10 August.

How To Reach Srikhand Mahadev

By Air – Nearest airport is at Jubbarhatti, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh.

By Rail – Nearest railway station is at Shimla.

By Road – If you are coming from Delhi then Route will be Delhi – Chandigarh – Shimla – Narkanda – Rampur – Nirmand – Bagi Pul – Jaon – Shrikhand Mahadev

The complete trek from Jaun to Shrikhand Mahadev Temple is 3 days long. The first-day trek itinerary takes 8-9 hours and covers 12 kms from Jaun to Taacharu. The second day you will reach Parvati Bagg after travelling 13.5 kms. Finally, you will reach Shrikhand Mahadev, which is at 6 kms from Paravati Bagg.

About the Trek:

The most ideal months to take up the Shrikhand Mahadev Trek are June and July. Untimely rain and snowfall are the natural calamities here that usually happen. One should always be prepared for these situations even in the summer seasons.

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Since it is very easy to find water, food, sleeping bags etc but you should also have your own sleeping bags and other daily use things. Try to keep your luggage very light.

Shrikhand Mahadev Mountains

The trek is not safe for physically ill and weak hearted. The Shrikhand Mahadev Yatra takes 10 days to reach the destination from Nirmand. You need to have registered to start your pilgrimage.

The Attraction Points:

During the pilgrimage, one enjoys the mighty landscape of Kullu and the beautiful Himalayan ranges. The “Alpine meadows” are the main attraction and witness the most attractive landscape of the Himalaya. You will feel here like a heaven.

Along the first uphill trek, you will reach Taacharu. The whole route goes through the lush green, deodar trees, brooks, and streams. “Barathi Nalah” situated at 7200 ft is a place to take rest. It’s a place of confluence of two small rivulets.

From Taacharu the trek goes to Kali Ghati or Kali top. It is the top of “Danda Dhaar” at 13000 feet. There is also a small Kali Devi Temple on Kali-Top. After that, the next trek begins to reach “Bhim Talai”. When you continue climbing from Bhim Talai, you reach “Kunsa”, a smooth trek of 3 kms. It is a place of waterfalls. It is situated at 13000 feet climb. Wide open grassland and Glaciers are the key attraction of this beautiful place.

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Right after Kunsa, a 3 Km trek leads you to “Bhim Dwar”. It takes around 2 hours to reach “Bhim Dwar” from “Kunsa”. Big waterfalls with streams, exciting landscape with deep gorges give you a fit trill. It is said that “Pandavas” stayed here during their exile.

After 13600 feet climb you will reach “Paravati Bagg”. The story behind this place is that “Paravati Devi” chosen this place to stay. Hence this place is named after the Paravati Devi.

It would be a marvelous moment after reaching the top. The tall rocks here symbolized Lord Shiva and his glory in the form of “Shivling”.

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      Sunny Deval

      There are three different ways to reach Shrikhand Mahadev from Mumbai.

      Firstly – By Air.. You have to make this confirm whether their is a direct flight from Mumbai to Chandigarh or Shimla. The nearest airport is Jubbarhatti in Shimla. Then from Shimla you can hire a cab till Rampur or you can continue the same cab till Jaon village from where the yatra starts.

      Secondly- By Road..If you are coming from Mumbai for that again you have to come to Delhi by air.Then from Delhi the Route will be -By Volvo/cab…
      Delhi – Chandigarh – Shimla – Narkanda – Rampur – Nirmand – Bagi Pul – Jaon – Shrikhand Mahadev

      Thirdly- By train…
      You can directly book a train ticket from Mumbai to kalka.
      Then after, again you have to travel for six hour train journey in a local train of Shimla Queen from kalka to Shimla. Thereafter you can book a cab or can travel by Volvo till Rampur.

      If you have any doubt, kindly let me know.

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