Some Interesting Slangs That Every Young Himachali’s Use


Every language has a slag attached to it that is mainly created by the young generation of that area. It may be Bengali slang or Maharashtrian slang spoken by people of respective areas is usually twisted adaptation of the authentic language. There are different slang languages used by youngsters in their local language. There is slang for Himachali as well who have created it on their own language. Here are some of the slang languages used by Himachali people:


Brother, yes it means brother and Bhaiji is used for people who belongs to male group. It does not matter if he is a family or a stranger. A complete stranger is also called as Bhaiji. Himachali people use this word quite often when they meet any stranger or brother from the family.

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This is another name of yaar, dost or a friend for Himachali’s. They use Ara word for a friend and through this expression they satisfy the warmth of the friendship. This word is very commonly used among Himachali’s and they like to call their friend “Ara”.
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Thus reh

Most of the Himachalis use this phrase quite frequently, which means calm, peaceful and quiet. This Himachali slang is also used to make someone quiet or shut up. This slang is mainly used by young Himachalis.

Belma la de

This word is invented and belongs to the young people of Himachal known as the “be” slang language. This phrase means that they require more grass for smoking and want someone to pass it for them. This word is quite commonly used among those young Himachali boys.

Merko Terko

This word means mujhe and tujhe in Hindi language whereas in Himachali slang language people usually use merko and terko instead of mujeh and tujhe. This makes their conversation more Himachali. You will know that you are talking to a Himachal guy if they are using these words.

Boom Shankar

It is said that Lord Shiva is residing in Himalayas. H.P. or Himachal Pradesh is the part of those massive peaks where Lord Shiva is worshipped. People have huge belief on his existence and on him. Among youngsters this belief becomes more vibrant with the prayers of Boom Shankar that they offer to Lord Shiva.

Ladi hai meri

“Ladi hai meri” in himachali language wife is called Ladi. Young guys and fellows from Himachal like any other youngsters love to call all beautiful girls is their future wife or girlfriend.

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Ghussi na mar

Prior you take out the wrong meaning out of these words, it’s logical to know what exactly it means. When you speak a lie to impress someone and it is actually not true then it is known as Ghussi. So this phrase means do not just say anything which is not true, in a slang way.

Khapp ho gyi

This word may be used a positive as well as negative, relying on the situation. This word definitely shows that something weird is happening just opposite to what was expected. So this slang is mainly used among young Himachalis only.

Ter machi hai

When you get high by taking weed or alcohol then it means “ter”. People of Himachal like getting tipsy every now and then and they more often occupy the young space of Himachal, which means they get into the “ter” quiet frequently.

If we miss any himachali slangs you can comment below then we can update this blog post.

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