Summer Vacation Trip to Hill Station Shimla Himachal Pradesh


Hi everyone i have been planning a trip for Shimla in july and once a date has been fixed on 7th of july for Shimla with my bestie. I started my route from Jalandhar to Chandigarh. First day on 6th of july i started roaming around in Chandigarh and then in Elante Mall to make me fresh for the next day Shimla start up. Then on next day on 7th july i started the trip with my bestie. I booked a cab to drop me at Shimla. On the way to Shimla we have many destinations and places for roaming and travelling i.e. the first place where i stopped is Pinjore Garden. I visited there and enjoyed a lot there then second place was Kausauli i want to visit there too but at that day there was raining so driver requested me to go straight to Shimla. So i accepted it. Else on the way to Shimla everyone has two places to visit one is Pinjore Garden and second is Kasauli.

Now we are on the way to my favourite city Shimla – The Queen of Hills, little rainfall is going on weather is so cool. I already booked two booking in hotels there once is from 7-9 july and other is from 9-10th july in Shimla near old bus stand. I booked two different hotels so that i can’t regret if i don’t like sum specific hotel. Then the driver dropped me around 2.30 near old bus stand Shimla from there my hotel is just 2 minutes away. I called the hotel reception, they send someone there and he picked our bags and take to the hotel.

We have taken rest in hotel till 5pm then at 5.30pm we have started to walk to the mall road from my hotel, the mall road is 12-15 min. walk, which is normal in Shimla. I booked hotel near old bus stand because it’s good for me to check in and check out with the bags. Then at 6.15 pm we reached mall road we roam around there so much near Christ Church which looks so beautiful then on Scandal Point, the ridge and the mall road all looking so nice and beautiful and the view of mountains from the mall road is so beautiful.

Then by walking on mall road I met with taxi cab agent he asked me to book cab to go for Jakhoo Temple and Kufri and all. Then i booked it for 1400rs. But he asked me to go Jakhoo Temple today and then Kufri. I said ok. Then i came down with my bestie. We have gone to Jakhoo Temple. Its too beautiful Temple to visit and have blessings of hanuman ji. Its real temple they say, hanuman ji also have been there while on the way to having sanjeevani booti. Jakhoo Mandir is so beautiful it has the biggest lord hanuman ji statue of India (108 feet height).

We can even see it from down while we are on the way to Shimla. Then while worshipping Jakhoo Mandir the cab person drop us near mall road. We reached the mall road end then we eat something light like burgers and momos to fresh up. Then i went to the Ritz which is the one of the best disc of Himachal Pradesh State. I danced here for 10.30 till closing its so much fun there. Then i walk down to the market but everything is closed. Then i reached near dominos near the mall road i booked dominos pizza there and packed it and take it to my hotel. And then i reached hotel and ate pizza and then i slept because i have to go to Kufri next day.

Then the very next day i woke up and have eaten breakfast and then i got a call from the taxi driver then i get ready with my bestie and gone downstairs for the cab then i sit in the cab and gone for the Kufri. In between i saw the green valley of shimla it’s so beautiful. We stopped there and click some pics there and then we off to the Kufri in which we stopped near by some new adventure camp and park in which we enjoyed so many adventures and sports and bhoot bangala and other games and so much more. I don’t even remember name of other games. I even played game in which we gone in sum balloon type which was in water and we have to walk in it to move it in water then we played touched hockey and many other games. We even enjoyed there rides so much.

Then after enjoying so many adventures and games there, we left for Kufri Fagu top and we reached here. Taxi driver dropped us there from where we booked horses to reach up because everyone there needs horses to reach up on the Fagu top. Then after 30 mins we reached on Fagu top on horses on there we on the way to roam around there and click pics and we also eat there maggie and drink tea. Then we visited sum temple there too. Then we went for some apple garden there and then we click pics there with yakk and with snake too.

And after roaming there so much we came down on horses then after reaching down near parking we called taxi driver he drop us near Kufri Zoo. Zoo is so nice there we saw black bears, brown bears, white bears and cheetah and deers and many more Himachal deer’s horns and many Himachali birds. Then after that we visited some park there and some little Kufri market there. Everything was so good and nice then the driver dropped us near our hotel we reached hotel and do little rest and then at 7pm we again on the way to mall road Shimla then we first eaten chicken there and again we roam around in mall road market then again we gone to the Ritz disc we again danced there till it closed and then we left for mall road then eat something there and then again left for hotel. Then we reached hotel and slept there.

Then on next day we woke up and eat breakfast and then we packed bags because we have to shift to the other hotel which is also near to that hotel. Then we shifted to new hotel and then that hotel reception person told me to go to local Shimla places which are very good to explore so then i again booked a cab there for 900rs for local tour. First they take us to advanced studies that place is so so beautiful which i can’t express in words we roam there so much and loved it.

When we came downstairs near parking there was a birds zoo in which there is a birds in a big cage i.e. Pigeons, ducks. I have enjoyed there too then after that we have to go to 1.5kms above by walk to see main Shimla museum. I go there and that way is so inclined that i got so tired but when i reached there i loved it because that museum is so so big. Then after that we came down and called for our cab. Then cab person took us to army camp there we saw a big golf course whose view is too good and we loved it then there was little army musuem too.

After that we have on the way to Sankat Mochan Mandir then we reached there and have seen Sankot Mochan Temple and liked it and when we came from there the taxi person told us to go to Vaishno Devi Gufa too, which is right in front of Sankat Mochan Mandir then we gone there too. Vaishno Devi Gufa Mandir is small but it’s nice to visit. Then the driver drop us to the out hotel then again we do little rest and then we again on the way to mall road and this time we ate momos and gone to Ritz disc again for the last time because this was our last night in Shimla we again danced there till 10.30 pm then after that we roam and wandering around mall road then everything was closed so we saw sum dhaba there that was open and we asked him to pack food for us then we came hotel and eat dinner and slept because next day we have to go to Manali

But Shimla is the most beautiful city and place to visit and for roaming and wandering around. I loved the shimla Journey. Don’t forget to see my travel journey to Manali in next post.

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