Top 5 Tea Estates in Assam You Should Not Miss to Visit

Tea Estates in Assam

Which are the two most popular tea producing states in India? Your answer will surely be Assam and Darjeeling. Assam is the most popular estate when we talk about its tea quality and the beauty of tea plantation. Assam is also famous for their natural beauty, pleasant climate and mountain region. The beauty of Assam attracts many of tourists from all corner of the globe.
Assam is a one the famous tea plantation state since ancient time and also knows one of popular tea producing religion worldwide. Black tea is one of the famous tea in this religion and tea lover enjoy a having a cup of black tea in this religion. Here is list of famous tea estates that you must explore on your next trip to Assam.

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1.Manohari Tea Estate

Manohari Tea Estate in Assam North East
If you are a big fan of black tea then Manohari Tea Estate is a perfect place for you. The tea of Manohari estate is brisk and malty with a light taste of citrus note. This taste of the tea will surely help you wake up early in the morning. This tea estate is located in the upper religion of Assam and situated 390 feet above the sea level. This tea estate spread in the area of 1800 acres and 3 Million pounds black tea and green tea produced annually in this area. The climate, soil and the hard work of the farmer of this estate give an amazing flavor of the tea.
Also one of the interesting things about this estate, this tea estate had broken all the record of tea industry. Manohari Gold special tea had sold for Rs. 39,001 ($554.31)/ per kg at the auction on 24/07/2018.

2.Mangalam Tea Estate

Mangalam Tea Estate in Assam North East
Mangalam Tea Estate is a one the unique brush pattern plantation. This plantation looks pretty and beautiful and provides an amazing view of the tea plantation. This plantation is famous for producing the finest orthodox tea and Assam CTC. This plant is spread in 117 hectares and having a population of 42,000 plants in per hectare. This plant is well planned and very convinced at the point of working.

3.Manjushree Tea Garden

Manjushree Tea Garden in Assam North East
Manjushree tea garden is another famous garden in the Assam and was created by clearing the forest land on the Towkak tea garden. This plantation is well planned with a road all around this estate. This is convenient to moving any vehicle nearby this plantation. This plantation is spread at the area of 403 hectares and situated nearby historical city of Sonari.

4.Meleng Tea Estate

Meleng Tea Estate in Assam North East
This estate is one of the oldest tea estates in the Assam area and had stated plantation since 1852. This estate was selected as the world heritage site. This plantation is located bank of river Meleng and spread 742 hectares area. One of the interesting things, this plantation name Meleng come from its river Meleng. This plantation is also famous for its tea quality and awarded twice by TEA BOARD for the best quality of tea sold.

5.Williamson Tea Estate

Williamson Tea Estate in Assam North East
Williamson Tea estate is another famous plantation in the area of Assam and also this plantation is fifth generation tea plantation family business. The Williamson tea plantation is selling their tea since 1869. This estate has 140 yrs of unique experience of farming and tea culture.

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These all places are perfect for tea lovers and if you think to visit these places then March to June and mid -September is a perfect time. Apart from this, Tea leaves are plucked between April and October. This is the perfect time for the photography lovers.

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