The Life of A Travel Blogger: An Interview with Rajat Kumar of FoodRavel

Rajat Kumar

About yourself?

My name is Rajat Kumar. I am a content developer and currently I am doing freelance work which allows me to work from anywhere I want. I aspire to be a writer and traveller. I started food and travel blogging to share my food and travel stories with others. I am basically from Mahendergarh (Haryana), and I shifted to Gurgaon in 2010 and then to New Delhi in mid of 2017.

What’s your favourite place so far?

Rajat Kumar Travel BloggerWell, it’s hard to compare since I haven’t seen enough to be able to answer this question. But whatever I have seen so far, whatever I have experienced, I loved to vibes of Triund. I am sure, Mother Earth has got several hidden gems and I need to explore them. I am nature lover so I love places which have natural beauty and are located in the lap of nature.

What can’t you travel without?

Since I am a content developer and a travel blogger, so I need to document everything. I can’t miss clicking pictures, not only for my own but for the blog as well. I find it really hard to travel when I don’t have my camera, extra backup and earphones.

Do you prefer solo travel or with someone else?

Rajat Kumar Blogger of Food RavelI prefer solo only. I want to travel freely so that I can get up any time I want and can roam around anywhere I want. It is good to have friends around. It gives good memories also. But at the same time, I want to travel with no one. That’s the first choice; however I have no problem with traveling with others. It is sometimes economical as well, since the charges are shared. I have been living alone since my childhood, maybe that’s the reason.

Which country has the friendliest people?

I haven’t been across the border so far. So I can’t tell. I have only visited Nepal and I found the people as helpful as we are in our country.

Who is the most interesting person you’ve met so far?

We met so many people on the journey. Some are forgotten with the time, while some stay for a long time. I met with a girl while I was trekking to Triund and we trekked together. We are good friends now. Recently I visited Rajasthan and I met a guy from Hong Kong, Bernard Lee who lives in UK. I found him very interesting. However, it is all about conversation and I am an introvert, I barely speak out.

What’s been your scariest moment?

I don’t think I had any scary moments during my journeys. I remember one situation. Back in 2013 when I was in Nepal, I was staying in Kathmandu and I ran out of money. So I called my office and the call wasn’t picked since the caller ID reflected non – Indian number. That really made me concerned. Later on, my call was answered.

How would you describe yourself in 3 words?

Rajat Travel BloggerIf I have to define myself in three words from travel perspective, then these words will be

  • Unplanned
  • Nature lover
  • Observer

What is your dream travelling experience?

I have spent a big part of my life at my maternal uncle’s. A small village and we used to have lots of cattle. Every morning used to start with beautiful scenery of landscape, fields full of mustard or wheat crop, greenery, hills, and cacophony of birds. This is how I developed so much love for nature. I had two things which I wanted to experience. The first one was to spend a night in jungle in a camp, which I did in Rishikesh. I wanted to spend a night full of stars, away from the city’s hustle – bustle, near the bank of a river and Rishikesh offered me this experience. I also wanted to spend a night around snow-capped mountains surrounded by big pine streets in a small camp, which I did in Triund. I also wanted to spend in night in desert which I did in Jaisalmer.

Who is your dream travel companion?

I always want to travel with myself, mean without any worldly worries, no burden, no client mails, I just want to be who I am when I travel.

What was the best place you stayed in?

The best place I have stayed so far was a small guesthouse, Mannat in Jari (HP). The wood work, the interior, the view out of the window, everything mesmerized me.

How many photos have you taken?

Rajat kumar BloggerI don’t want to count. Being a travel blogger, I am required to click photos and my laptop is loaded with them. To take one nice pic, sometimes I end up taking 20+ shots. I click with my camera and with my phone whenever needed.

What’s the most interesting animal you’ve seen?

Okay! You will find it very normal but the most interesting animals I have met so far are dog and squirrel. They are friendly. Dog even accompanies and follows you. When I take lunch in any park or place like that, I find squirrels around and I share my lunch with them.

Do you prefer hot, cold or temperate places?

Rajat Blogger of Food RavelI am unable to bear heat, and I prefer cold. Temperate will also do. But I have a condition (hyperhidrosis) and I can’t bear high temperature.

Would you rather see a lot of places or get to know one really well?

The world has so much to offer that it is really hard to stop at one place and learn about it. I don’t even know everything about my hometown. So, I prefer travelling as many places as I can.

What’s the longest single journey you’ve taken?

The longest single journey that I have had so far was in December 2017 when I stayed in Jaipur for over a week.

Which religious or spiritual sites have you visited?

I have been to all major religious sites. I have been to Buddhist monasteries in Nepal and Himachal. I have been temples and churches. I have been gurudwara and mosques.

Which country has the best weather?

I have not been to any country so far since I have some issues related to the documents due to which I have been able to get my passport made. I will apply for it once the issue is resolved.

Do you prefer to walk, take public transport, or take private transport?

I prefer walking; I can walk for long distances. Most of the time, I use apps which can track how long have I walked and you will be surprised that longest I have walked while I was travelling (not trekking), was around 15KM in a day. Public transport is obviously the second choice.

What destination have you found to be overrated?

Rajat Kumar Blogger - Food RavelI had fantasy of Kasol since college time. Actually, the reason was a song by Mohit Chauhan where he mentions some of the tourist places of Himachal Pradesh. When I visited it, I found it slightly overrated and the next day I visited Tosh and I found it far better than Kasol.

What’s been the best street food you’ve had?

I love Pani Puri. My tendency always remains to look for Pani Puri stall at any place I visit. I even had them in Kathmandu.

Beer or wine?

I am totally teetotaller, not even tea.


So far I have been to Himachal Pradesh, UK, UP and Rajasthan. Every place has its own uniqueness, its own charm and its own uniqueness. It is really hard to compare and I feel helpless when someone asks me this question the way it has to be mentioned. The way it used to be.

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