Travel Smart: Must-have Gadgets for Your Next Adventure

Travel Smart

Planning out your next journey is an exciting event. Get it wrong and ruin your whole traveling experience, or get it right and enjoy the tour. Having the right and necessary items ready for your journey will help you make proper arrangements for an exciting journey. In this post, we address the top five gadgets you should not forget when going on a journey.

1. Portable Washing Machine

We all hate the inconveniences that come with packing only a few clothes when traveling. You will need time to take your clothes to the laundry and pay for them to be cleaned, dried and pressed. This can cost you a whole lot of time and money.

With a portable washing machine, you can now wash your clothes on-the-go. Spend a little time and water to get your clothes ready for the next event. Even if you have been rained on, or you have worn the last shirt to the day’s event, you can clean them and ensure they are ready when you wake up for the next meeting.

A wash bag is a portable washing machine that you can pack in your travel bag or backpack. It doubles as a washing machine and dry bag to help you clean your clothes and dry them while traveling. Requiring only 3-4 liters of water and about 3 minutes of washing, a portable washing bag will save you money and time, making your whole travel experience a good memory.

2. A Roof Rack for Your Car

Traveling is affordable, fun, and adventurous when you go out with your family in your car. The challenges come when you want to pack your travel bags but the car is already filled with your family. Though not a gadget, but roof rack is a must-have for smart travel. With a good car roof rack, you can travel without worrying about the capacity of your car running out. All you have to do is to fasten your bags on the roof of the car and get your family in the vehicle as you go to your destination.

The roof racks are ideal for any travel adventure. Regardless of the car you drive, you can be sure to find a rack that fits it. They are designed to be fit and mounted by the car owner. No extra cost for calling the mechanic or taking your car to the sales and service center. They come as a kit with all the accessories and gadgets you need, including the user manual.

3. Water Purifier and Filter Bottle

The common problem that travelers encounter is the lack of purified water. Water is scarce in many parts of the world. Where you find water, it is either contaminated water or the storage and handling is poor. The water is usually not fit for drinking without proper treatment.

A water purifier bottle is a must-have gadget for your travel needs. Whether you are traveling abroad, going upcountry, or on your dirt bike racing adventure, you will need pure water to cut down the thirst on the way and at your destination. It will help you purify water in 15 seconds for drinking.

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Water purifying bottles are designed to be portable and efficient. It is ideal for camping, backpacking, long travel journeys, and even social events. You can carry the bottle anywhere you go to ensure that you have clean drinking water whenever you need.

4. Automatic Travel Vacuum

When it comes to traveling, you need to carry clothes and accessories you will need on the journey. Your travel bag can carry a lot of stuff, but due to poor packing, you only fill it with a few of your clothes. To avoid the inconvenience of having to look for extra bags, you will need to ensure that your bag can accommodate as much as possible. This is where the travel vacuum gadget comes in.

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This tiny gadget is capable of compressing the clothes you pack to create enough space for carrying other accessories on the way. If you want to change your bike parts, you might want to carry your spanner in your travel bag to avoid the bulky toolbox. It is powered with a micro USB port and by the press of one button, it does the job.

The pressure sensor allows the vacuum gadget to know how much air it needs to pump out of the bag to compress the space occupied by your clothes. You now have more space to stack up your bag with more items for your travel needs.

5. Portable WiFi Hotspot

Traveling the world does not mean you should stop working and collaborating with your colleagues online. You also need to catch up with your friends and family. The internet is the necessary resource you need to get in touch globally and complete your tasks online. The portable WiFi Hotspot helps you to connect your devices to the internet so that you can accomplish your missions online.

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Portable WiFi hotspots do not only allow you to get online with your mobile devices, but they also work in many parts of the world. With 4G LTE wireless network connection, you do not need to worry about the foreign country SIM card, data tariff, or a roaming tariff.

You should decide if you need a prepaid service or postpaid. For prepaid WiFi, you get online whenever you want at a flat fee and use unlimited internet for up to 24 hours. Postpaid tariffs may vary depending on the provider. The advantage of having a personal portable WiFi is mainly security. You do not have to worry about people who “sniff” to hack your personal data on public networks.

Summing it Up

There are many travel gadgets you may need to get for your journey. You need to do your research on the destination so that you can carry the essential gadgets. Avoid carrying bulky luggage, leave behind some of the items that you will not use on your journey.

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